Health Quality Ontario (HQO) revised its patient safety indicators and how they are reported to ensure patients can easily access and use high-quality performance data to inform their care.

To do this, HQO asked Ontario-based members of Patients for Patient Safety Canada (PPSC) what they think are key concepts of patient safety. The members reflected on what makes them feel safe or unsafe in a hospital and the importance and relevance of the patient safety indicators currently reported. Next, a survey designed by HQO staff and reviewed by the Ontario-based members of PPSC was sent to HQO’s Patient Advisors. The survey required respondents to think about which information related to patient safety they would require in two different scenarios. The respondents were also asked to select three key measurement areas that they felt were important to measure and offer feedback on what areas of measurement they thought were missing. The quantitative and qualitative feedback provided by the 56 survey respondents was shared with the expert panel to ensure the patient perspective was included throughout the expert panel deliberations which would yield the final set of publicly reported indicators.

To ensure the renewed indicators were displayed in a meaningful and relevant way, patients were engaged in the development of the pages and were asked to identify how important each indicator and associated information was, what design elements made the information accessible and how the information could most easily be explained.

The findings were shared with system partners to inform similar work.

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