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In 2016, NH created the organization’s first Strategic Plan which created a roadmap for NH to achieve our vision of a “Healthier Niagara”. A primary component of the Strategic Plan is the focus internally on our people. This Area of Focus ensures there are qualified, highly trained staff that are provided with developmental opportunities. NH has been able to sustain the ongoing development of our people through the creation of our first leadership institute entitled, Extraordinary U. This transformative leadership program offers a vast array of developmental opportunities for our leaders through a variety of mediums including, classroom teachings, online modules, virtual TED talks and access to digital libraries and publications.

The program fosters an environment where leaders can acquire knowledge and skills to empower our people and teams. Programs are tailored to the leader’s role in the organization and focuses on development at the individual, departmental and organizational level. Since the program’s inception, over 400 participants have participated in the program and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, as participants compliment the programs ability to offer immediate tangible benefits. In addition, the residual benefits of the program have been far reaching throughout the organization, including but not limited to: (1) a reduction in sick time and turnover; (2) increased engagement scores; (3) decreases in the overall volume of staff grievances and; (4) increases in performance management compliance.

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