SSCY is an alliance of families, community agencies, WRHA and government providing specialized community based services for children/youth, throughout Manitoba, to support them in reaching their full potential. RCC is one of 7 co-located agencies delivering integrated service out of SSCY Centre. RCC has had a Family Advisory Council (FAC) since 1997. The FAC added members from partner agencies and became the RCC/SSCY FAC in 2010 in order to facilitate a broader range of input into the new building and the planning and design of services.

In 2017, with SSCY Centre complete, the FAC conducted a survey and hosted a Family Forum to hear directly from families as to their current needs. Under the broad goals of improving information and support for families, five action areas were identified: 1) Presentations & Workshops, 2) Social Media, 3) Family Networking, 4) Parent to Parent Mentoring, and 5) Transitioning to Adulthood.

Families attending the forum unanimously voted to expand the reach of the existing FAC through the creation of a broader network. With the FAC as the steering committee, a Family Engagement Facilitator was hired and the Family Network was launched. In its first year, the Family Network advanced initiatives in all five of the objective areas.

The Family Network continues to gain momentum, as each month more people  


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