The Saskatchewan Health Authority is strategically committed to a culture of safety and the philosophy of patient and family centred care. Patient and staff safety, and continuous improvement, are fundamental in everyday work. This project serves to promote safe delivery of resident and family centred care while building accountability at an individual, team and organizational level. The family representative is co-designing with us on every step and action and our approach and commitment is to strong partnership and collaboration. They are an integral part of discussions and providing us with guidance and input. Actions have included reviewing each component of the measuring and monitoring safety framework (MMSF) with staff and with the involvement of the family rep. A psychologically safe place was created to allow for open and honest discussion and evaluation of current state. This exercise was completed by our family rep, front line staff, senior leadership, front line leadership and a governing Board member. There was a wide variation in the perception of safety. In order to create capacity to recognize harm, the 8 types of harm were extensively explored with the front line team. Being able to recognize broader types of harm, as well as the potential for it to occur, opened opportunity to improve the safety culture on a daily basis. A process was built, with our family representative at the table, and is in use, that we call “5-I’s on Safety”. The team works through harm and potential harm at daily huddles and in the moment, using the MMSF – Identify, Investigate, Ideas, Implement (within 24 hours), Integration/Follow-up (at 7 days & 30 days).

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