In winter, there is nothing better than breathing the fresh air and seeing the beautiful landscape covered in white to revive beautiful childhood memories. Many residents have skied or engaged in other winter activities in the past. Being able to engage in outdoor activities has always been a desire that is expressed by residents. Based upon these comments, the recreation department team set out to help residents enjoy the winter with a wheelchair ski system in the courtyard portion of the facility grounds. The recreation team and the occupational therapist at the center worked with a company to develop safe equipment adapted to the various types of wheelchairs: The “Ski-Vel”. This device is attached to a manual wheelchair and is propelled by an attendant wearing skis in the snow. Residents can now rekindle their memories and have the pleasure and opportunity to ski, as they did in their previous lives, in an “adapted” fashion. The Ski-Vel is scheduled 1 to 2 times a week (morning, afternoon and evening) from January to the end of March, depending on weather conditions. Families, volunteers and employees have been trained to use this equipment. Students from nearby schools also enjoy participating in the project. Hours of fun for all.

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