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80% of common infections can be spread by contaminated hands. Although wearing gloves helps to prevent getting bodily fluids on the hands, microfissures in gloves do not provide for maximum security against the spread of infection. The best tool is always good hand hygiene. For this reason, a hand hygiene certification program has been instituted at the CHSLD Angus, annexed to the Appartements du Square Angus (PRE).

The objectives of this certification are as follows:

  • To ensure resident safety;
  • To prevent contamination of the residents by the staff;
  • To show management and staff that hand hygiene is a tool that is both indispensable and necessary when working at theAppartementsdu Square Angus.

Hand hygiene certification came out of the Infection Prevention and Control Committee in August 2017 and is now common practice for all people on-site (employees, residents, families, trainees and volunteers).

This positive practice has improved the process of preventing and controlling infection. For example, during a period of outbreak in the region, no cases were observed at our establishment.

Our certifiers will conduct annual quality audits in the interest of sustaining this practice.

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