Peel Senior Link (PSL), in partnership with Resident Care Pharmacy (RCP), developed a comprehensive Medication Management Program (MMP), including drafting of policies and procedures, orientation videos, audit procedures, service agreements, ongoing evaluation and performance improvement and access to 24 hours’ pharmacist support. Clients who are on multiple drug regimes, experiencing cognitive loss or physical challenges that keep them from safe medication administration, receive in-person delivery of the medications at the prescribed time by a Personal Support Worker (PSW). The PSW instruct, cue and encourage the client to take their medications under supervision and within their scope of practice.

The objective of the program was to reduce medication related errors, hospitalization rates, delay/avoid long-term care placements, and ensure the capacity for continued independence of seniors.

System value is demonstrated in three ways: (a) Potential cost savings: MMP has shown to reduce medication errors, thereby reducing emergency hospitalization and ER visits, (b) Client value: Seniors have clearly articulated on their preferred place to live independently in their own homes. With more seniors living with chronic conditions, multiple drug regimens are becoming the norm. Our MMP has essentially shifted the responsibility from clients to staff, thereby reducing a significant emotional burden on the client and caregivers, and (c) Societal value: By ensuring that seniors are supported in managing their medications, expensive hospitalizations and ER visits are avoided. These savings can be diverted towards other critical health system needs or simply used as cost savings for the entire society.

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