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There is mounting evidence that people’s lifestyle choices are having a significant impact on their health and productivity. This is why Circle of Care is committed to better supporting employees in making healthier choices by providing educational opportunities and promoting health and wellness in the workplace. To this end, the organization has developed and is implementing a multifaceted Healthy Workplace Strategy (2020-2025) that focuses on fostering a culture of healing, well-being, learning, collaboration, and social responsibility.

Programs and initiatives stemming from the strategy are broken down into Healthy Workplace Elements as per Excellence Canada’s Healthy Workplace Standard, which is an external regulatory program the organization participates in to ensure health and wellness programming is aligned with the highest standards of excellence. These elements of employee health and well-being can intersect and have a tremendous impact on an employee’s overall health and well-being:
• Physical
• Psychological
• Social
• Community

Proactive management of these Healthy Workplace elements can produce a variety of benefits to an organization, including improved recruitment and retention; improved employee productivity and engagement; reduction in sickness absences, healthcare costs, disability and injury rates; and reduced workplace conflict and grievances.

Circle of Care’s Healthy Workplace approach is built upon employee feedback and designed to address employee needs in a holistic manner. Evidence-based and with a clear evaluation methodology, it is sustainable, agile, adaptable to other organizations, and offers a variety of tangible actions to improve employee wellness in the modern workplace.

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