The iHuddle Board application is a digital huddle board that is accessible to managers, staff, patients and families on each inpatient unit and Emergency Department via a 55” touchscreen monitor that allows for two-way information sharing and collaboration. The iHuddle Board has a standardized layout that was purposefully designed to reflect William Osler Health System’s (Osler) Strategic Plan and cascade the organization’s goals and objectives to the day-to-day activities and performance metrics at the unit-level, while also dedicating space for communication, staff engagement and continuous quality improvement. The iHuddle Board has sections including People & Culture, Daily Metrics, Organizational Metrics, Organizational and Unit Spotlight, Executive Patient Safety Rounds etc.

In addition, each unit is able to see their own unit-specific performance data and content.

The iHuddle Boards are supported through processes around how to use the application to conduct effective 10-15 minute daily huddles on the inpatient and Emergency units. Daily huddles are conducted following a fixed set of steps that align with the different sections of the iHuddle Board. Managers are provided with a suggested script on how to lead discussions and ask probing questions for each of the sections and metrics that they can tailor for their huddles. Whenever a new metric is added to the board or a new item is added to the Spotlight, it is accompanied with key messages for Managers to understand the purpose and communicate the relevant information to their staff in a consistent way.

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