The Kidney Health Home Based Therapies Program vision is to enhance the health and quality of life of patients by allowing patients to perform dialysis in their own homes, to better meet the health needs of patients in a collaborative manner, and to expand community partnerships. A current priority from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health is to optimize care for persons within the community rather than in an institution or inpatient setting.  Through participation in the Vincent Framework Patient Safety Collaborative, the Saskatoon Kidney Health team addressed a number of quality and safety barriers that prevent patients from successfully performing home peritoneal dialysis (PD), and assisted patients to remain on PD when their functional status has changed. Program enhancements are needed to better understand and serve these patients in their home communities. Currently, the uptake for PD in Aboriginal and First Nations and Métis people is low. The Vincent Framework Collaborative provided a unique mechanism to focus quality and safety efforts within Kidney Health and through partnerships within the organization and at the provincial level to spread these concepts. Kidney Health is partnering with First Nations and Métis Health Services to co-create strategies to promote home based therapies in a culturally sensitive manner, develop new models of care for rural/remote communities, and address the four ‘Calls to Action” items 19, 20, 22(iii), and 23.  Nîsohkamâtowak (helping each other) sharing events have been hosted in local communities to better understand the lived experience of First Nations and Metis patients and families.

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