It is a unique human trait to expect improvement and progress in all aspects of life including healthcare. Progress of this kind can be commonly achieved in one of two ways
1. Through an understanding of the scientific basis the constituent processes/parts
2. Through understanding and improvement in the ways that we perform our work – delivering healthcare services (Shaw et al, 2003).
A brief analysis of the healthcare history indicates that much of the healthcare progress and service improvement can be attributed to improvements in quality & safety (Shaw et al, 2003). As a strong and primary provider of healthcare services in Dubai, Dubai Health Authority Primary Healthcare Sector (PHCS) focuses on this improvement aspect by implementing current and evidence based practices to improve the quality and safety of the services thus enhancing patient trust. Achieving international accreditations through implementation of best practice makes a strong statement about PHCS’ efforts to provide high quality services.
The Objectives of this project were:
1. To improve the patient trust by delivering evidence based high quality healthcare services for the individuals and community through the adoption of international quality standards .
2. To enable the PHCS staff to adopt and practice international best practices to deliver the healthcare services through policies, process improvements and clinical guidelines/ pathways.
3. To improve the clinical safety practices as evidenced by reduction in medication errors, implementation of clinical guidelines and introduction of performance monitoring measures. 

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