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Based on the LEAN methodology, the Kaizen 6 surgical program at Montfort Hospital aims to improve the efficiency of the operating room on weeknights and weekends. Begun in 2015 by the Executive Committee and the Directors with the input of a patient-partner, the project team includes all the interdisciplinary stakeholders required to meet three distinct criteria of the established mandate.

These objectives are:
• Increase the overall performance rate (PR) from 38% to 54% for weeknights, which would add an extra hour of use per night;
• Establish a rule for the last patient entry into the operating room in the evenings in order to reduce departures after 11 p.m.;
• Reduce the number of urgent patients who wait more than thirty hours by 80% (from 9 to 2 cases per week).

The mandate of Kaizen 6 is to improve patient experience and satisfaction by optimizing the processes of the operating room and the surgical program.

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