Staff engagement surveys are a vital component of measuring organizational engagement, culture and overall satisfaction. At Toronto East General Hospital (TEGH), quarterly staff engagement surveys are conducted to consistently monitor staff engagement, identify opportunities for improvement and measure the impact of changes made. In most hospitals, surveying is conducted less frequently, on an annual or bi-annual basis. Quarterly surveys enable management to have more current information on employee engagement.

TEGH has developed a standardized implementation process to administer quarterly surveys, disseminate results and implement strategies to address deficiencies. TEGH engages frontline staff to brainstorm ideas to address improvement opportunities. Within three months of survey administration, action plans are executed and monitored by senior management to ensure timely follow-up. This process enables leadership to assess whether the initiatives deployed produce intended results and course correct if needed. By involving staff in the entire survey process, it has shaped a culture of openness and transparency and has effectively engaged employees.

Since the introduction of quarterly surveys in 2005, TEGH’s engagement scores have improved from 53% (2005) to 65.6% (2013), outperforming the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) average (57%) in 2013, and the difference was statistically significant. In 2014, the National Research Corporation included non-OHA hospitals in the industry average to create an All-Employee Average of 57.5%. TEGH achieved an engagement score of 66.5% in 2014, continuing to remain above the All-Employee Average.

The primary benefit of quarterly staff engagement surveys is that staff are more engaged and feel they can make improvements in their work. Through this process, staff feel that management is listening to their concerns and actively addressing them in order to make the workplace better.

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