Transition to Long-Term Care (LTC) can be very emotional and challenging for new residents and their families. Many are impacted by caregiver burnout, family members often feel “guilty” and struggle with transferring responsibility to their loved one’s new home. Success of family engagement in LTC requires open and frequent communication which is highly resource intensive.

The Perley and Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre initiated a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) with Cliniconex to address this unmet need. By leveraging the workflow automation technology that is well-established in primary care, this partnership adapted and tailored the “Family Engagement” solution to be specific to the LTC environment.  This solution is currently being used to promote infection control awareness and knowledge, increase family involvement in care planning, and support key communication metrics in emergency preparedness.

The details of this solution were co-designed with our family members. Our Family and Friends Council have been strong advocates for this change in engagement and have given exhaustive input to the project’s stakeholder engagement, communication and risk management plans. This innovation brought value by actively seeking input from families on care planning to improve the safety and quality of resident care.

The solution has proven to be very successful within our facility, as measured by number of engagements, cost savings and satisfaction survey with end users. This PPP continue to improve and expand the solution and have been working together to extend the benefit to other LTC homes by integrating with the Electronic Health Records (EHR).

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