Primary Health Care is the gateway to health services in general and acts as the first line of contact in the health care system that provides individuals irrespective of their age, gender, nationality, color, physical or mental conditions. It is a known fact that People with Determination (PWD) face widespread barriers in accessing services for health, education, employment and transport as well as information. 

As per factsheet of UAE in the year 2018, the disability prevalence rate showed that the total prevalence of disability is 2.2 % of Dubai Population with 3.7% (8,952 people) Emiratis and 2.1% of non-Emiratis. 

Improved access to health care for People with Determination is not only a human right, but also a critical enabling factor to achieve aspirations including education, employment, caring for and participating in family, community and public life. 

The purpose of this project was to transform Dubai Health Authority- Primary Healthcare Sector (DHA PHCS) to be a friendly place for the determined ones by removing environmental and social barriers, to improve service performance for disabled customers, clients, employees, stakeholders and to allow the organization to be disability-smart organization. 

The Objectives of the project were; 

1.To provide advice, support and guidance to assist the organization to be disability friendly. 

2.To measure and improve the organizations progress towards becoming disability smart. 

3.To ensure the delivery of inclusive, quality and preventative health care services in DHA PHCS. 

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