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In November 2019, Michael Garron Hospital (MGH) rolled out the Hypercare app to improve communication between hospital healthcare providers and their community counterparts. Hypercare’s mission is to facilitate collaboration in the healthcare system through a secure and Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) compliant messaging, scheduling, and task- management platform.

Before using Hypercare, provider communications was a complicated process. To communicate with each other, providers often had to call the hospital’s switchboard to send out a page to the person they wish to reach. This led to multiple phone calls and frequent interruptions, causing potential delays in care. As a workaround, clinicians resorted to using text messages to communicate and made patient data anonymous. This practice led to confusion as identifying data had to be masked and could not be understood.
Scheduling was likewise fragmented, with 52 different provider schedules manually transcribed into a master daily schedule. This process was highly inefficient and prone to errors.

The implementation of Hypercare was quick. Users instantly took to the platform and feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with users sharing anecdotes of improved efficiency and collaborations with colleagues. Switchboard call volumes dropped by 20 per cent, as users were now able to connect directly.

MGH adoption of Hypercare offered providers a secure platform to communicate about patient issues using a system that prevented data leaks and minimized medicolegal risk. It facilitated time-sensitive group conversation announcements. The program broke silos in the healthcare delivery model inside the hospital and built bridges with community providers.

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