The East Toronto Health Partners (ETHP), which comprises over fifty community health and social care providers including Michael Garron Hospital (MGH), organized an integrated approach to the COVID-19 pandemic in long-term care and other congregate living sites in East Toronto using a Hub and Spoke model. The ETHP Hub and Spoke approach to the COVID-19 crisis aimed to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in LTC homes, contain any outbreaks and ultimately reduce mortality. The hospital’s Infection Control and Prevention (IPAC) expertise and resources served as the Hub, while mobilized teams of hospital staff, ETHP physicians, home care providers and long-term care (LTC) staff formed the Spokes. This model was successful in quickly deploying additional staffing, COVID-19 testing, enhanced environmental services, personal protective equipment, ad hoc clinical services and the sharing of best practices in areas of greatest need. Through this model, ETHP was also able to rapidly deploy staff to address outbreaks in the ‘Spoke’ sites.

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