The Inter-professional Certificate in Advanced Neurosciences (ICAN) engaged stakeholders and was endorsed by the North and East Greater Toronto Area Stroke Network, the provincial Steering Committee for the Ontario Stroke System, and Ryerson University. The pilot of the first four certificate courses attracted 43 health professionals, representing 14 professional groups and 16 organizations. Another 32 students expressed interest in enrolling, providing strong evidence that the certificate is able to meet the professional development needs of multiple disciplines. Development of the ICAN was supported by knowledge exchange events focusing on principles of inter-professional practice and care. This included a one-day conference representing diverse professional domains across the continuum of care. This level and type of reach reflects a systemic quality that is often absent in health care education. Organizations are encouraged to support employees who take the ICAN by participating in and endorsing systemic change and inter-professional environments. This is a very promising model of capacity building that has implications for other health and social service domains. Sunnybrook’s partnership with Ryerson and the North and East GTA Stroke Network should result in knowledge transfer about how this initiative was built, implemented, and maintained.

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