The J-RO EZ Rest is a positioning wedge developed by staff of Ocean View, used to keep clients comfortably lying on their side at 90 degrees while receiving care. The J-RO EZ Rest was designed to support client comfort and dignity, as well as address staff risk and injury. This eliminates the need to physically support the client while providing care, which can cause staff injury. Ocean View’s time loss claims have reduced by 30% in the past three years, we believe in large part due to the introduction of the J-RO EZ Rest. In addition, clients with a history of aggression while receiving care demonstrate lower rates of aggression when a J-RO EZ Rest is used, therefore improving staff safety and the quality of the experience for the client.

Ocean View is also working with two provincial organizations (Nova Scotia’s Workers Compensation Board (NS-WCB) and Aware-NS to promote the wide utilization of the J-RO EZ Rest in long term care homes across the province. NS-WCB is utilizing the J-RO EZ Rest as a return to work tool for staff, and Aware-NS is recommending long term care homes, home care and community services utilize the J-RO EZ Rest in their Safe Handling and Mobility Program that is being presented across the province. The J-RO EZ Rest is available for purchase, and revenue is reinvested back into the work of Ocean View.

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