Alcohol use disorder is a widespread public health concern, which has significant health consequences. The use of alcohol, given in a structured setting called a Managed Alcohol Program, is a method of harm reduction for people with severe alcohol use disorder including those who consume non-beverage alcohol such as mouthwash and hand sanitizer. In some studies looking at community-based Managed Alcohol Programs, the use of managed alcohol has been associated with decreased alcohol consumption, reduced non-beverage alcohol consumption, improved health, decreased seizures due to withdrawal as well as reduced emergency department visits, hospital admissions and inpatient days. Managed alcohol programs have also been shown to improve the overall quality of life and feelings of safety for participants. Moreover, managed alcohol programs offer health care professionals an opportunity to respond in a dignified manner to the complex needs of a group of patients who experience significant barriers within the healthcare system. In response to the growing need for alternative approaches to treating patients with severe alcohol use disorder in hospital, Providence Health Care established a formal inpatient Managed Alcohol Program in July 2016. This is the first formal, known program of its kind in an acute setting in North America. The program is based in a nursing practice standard that outlines the procuring, storing, accessing, prescribing and dispensing steps associated with managed alcohol. The standard is connected with a pre-printed order set, supply tracking record and administration record. Physicians associated with the Addictions Medical Consult Team prescribe managed alcohol while nurses administer it to patients. Contact: Holly van Heukelom, Patient Care Manager – Acute Medicine Program,

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