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MCC 360 is a multi-source feedback (MSF) tool specifically designed and research supported for evaluating physician workplace performance. MSF involves looking at performance from a 360-degree perspective and is commonly used to evaluate executives and professionals in areas other than medicine. The MCC 360 program has been developed in consultation with physicians, healthcare workers, and patient groups to fit the Canadian physician practice context, specifically focusing on the essential skills needed to be an effective Communicator, Collaborator and Professional as defined by the CanMEDS and CanMEDS-FM frameworks. 

At the core of MCC 360 is a set of surveys taken by a representative cohort of physician colleagues, non-physician co-workers and patients, as well as a self-assessment completed by the physician about their performance. These surveys solicit from raters quantitative and qualitative feedback organized around three essential skills defined by the CanMEDS roles. The MCC collates and analyzes the responses to yield a report that provides the physician with a presentation of how their self-perception and the perception of others converge or diverge. This report focuses on providing physicians with meaningful and actionable feedback to guide professional development and improve patient care. 

It is expected that the physician participates in a feedback and coaching session with a trained peer-facilitator to view the results of the assessment in an objective and constructive manner and to help develop an action plan for practice-specific change. As described in more detail below, early results show that this program helps support positive quality improvement for physicians. 

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