Central CCAC’s Medication Management Support Services is an award-winning, collaborative model of delivering medication reconciliation to clients. Its objective is to address medication management issues early in the intervention process in order to achieve quality care and improve the safety of clients. The program is available to adult clients who take three or more prescription medications, have one or more chronic conditions, or are at risk for increased falls, frequent visits to the Emergency Room, hospitalization or uncontrolled pain. Eligible clients receive two visits from a pharmacist, a comprehensive medication review in the comfort of their own home, education and training regarding their medication and a complete medication schedule which includes prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs and natural medicines. If any medication-related problems are found, the pharmacist will make suggestions on how to solve them and bring them to the attention of the prescribing physician. All clients awaiting placement into Long Term Care Homes are also eligible for the program and receive a complete review of all their medications three months prior to being admitted into the Long Term Care facility. Following a detailed medication review, clients and/or caregivers have a better understanding of their medications, an increased ability for the client and/or caregiver to self-manage their medication, reduced emergency visits, improved pain management, reduced falls and savings to the Ontario Drug Benefit program.

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