The Critical Care Team at The Ottawa Hospital utilizes a multi-modal approach to ensure that clients and families are aware and involved in the plan of care.

1. Clients and families participate in Bedside Rounds each morning and afternoon and can visit 24 hours a day.

2. Clinical Manager, Clinical Care Leader or Care Facilitator touch base daily to ensure any questions or concerns are addressed and this is entered into the TOH Nurse Leader Rounding Application.

3. Patient Information Booklet is given to client/family on admission to ensure they are aware of the available supports and resources.

4. Critical Care Website is available on the computer and TV screens located in the family lounge so that families can familiarize themselves with the ICU Team and again reinforce available resources.

5. Pastoral Care and Social Work is available should client/family require their support and they are able to work with client/family to identify any services they may require.

6. When clients are seen by our RACE (Rapid Assessment of Critical Events) Team post transfer out of the ICU, they will speak with client/family to ensure that they are involved in the discussion and express their wishes

7. Daily Multi-Disciplinary Rounds take place that involve both client and family. A comprehensive head-to-toe assessment is done at the bedside and allows for all members of the care team and client/family input.

8. The Care Team is identified on our bedside Clinical White Boards as well as consults or tests/procedures to occur for the day. The Critical Care Team at The Ottawa Hospital has established a Leading Practice in communication with clients and their families. With a culture that is focused on involving clients and families in the development of plans of care and goals of care, we have achieved excellent results in our patient experience scores.

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