Montfort Hospital’s Family Birth Centre aims to provide clients with the best possible education on “what to expect during the transfer or cessation of services”. By providing clients and their families with the necessary information, the team wants to maximize the feeling of autonomy and reduce the level of anxiety when returning home, and ensure that “the family has enough information about recovery “(NRC Picker Canada).

The centre ultimately aims for continuity in quality of care based on standardized knowledge transfer between professionals, to meet the needs of each client. Therefore, this team engaged in a continuous improvement process in the spring of 2012 to perfect knowledge transfer and to involve more patients and their loved ones in their care and help them identify their learning requirements.

The result of inter-professional collaboration and partnership with clients, each mother receives standardized information in the official language of her choice and a summary of key information on all topics related to postpartum care for her and her newborn baby. In addition, this interactive tool allows clients to direct their learning by highlighting topics about which they want further information. If they do so, this information is accessible to the nurse and the client via the hospital’s website.

As a result of the changes, 95% of the patients interviewed by telephone believe they were well-prepared for discharge (January to June 2013). The qualitative analysis demonstrates a fluid return home thanks to personalized education and constant information provided via various methods of communication (verbal teaching, resource sheets, pamphlet and website).

Thus, this practice offers a personalized education that puts each client and loved one at the heart of the process and gives them the power to manage their life plan.

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