With a grant through a local funder, Nance Horwood Place (NHP), successfully launched the Community Kiosk in October 2016. This accessible space offers a variety of much-needed, every-day items for sale at subsidized or no cost, along with access to healthier food options. The Community Kiosk is open 3 days a week throughout the year and has recruited 12 volunteers, all residents of NHP who have provided more than 630 hours. Volunteers are responsible for overseeing the Kiosk during hours of operations, which includes greeting customers, recording transactions, inventory stock, tracking of visitors, and cash handling. With the launch of the Community Kiosk, NHP has experienced a significant increase in social engagement among residents and visitors of NHP as the Kiosk is located by the main entrance where many clients and visitors meet. Through this experience, clients have experienced the opportunity to develop skills in communication, relationship building, problem solving, and computer literacy. The NHP Community Kiosk goal has always been to increase overall client engagement, build community, and support convenience for both clients and surrounding community guests.

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