Throughout BC there are vulnerable adults unable to speak for themselves who need support from our health care system. Typically elderly, a vulnerable adult will be discovered by a health care provider who notices signs of abuse, neglect or self-neglect, or in some cases the adult will self-report. BC’s Adult Guardianship Act defines the response required and provides the tools necessary to help, but the process is complicated and cases are difficult to identify, confirm and track. And, little data is available to guide planning or resource allocation decisions.

BCPSLS  launched an online tool in 2009  to help Health Authorities  identify cases, support investigations and track outcomes.  In 2015, the Office of the Seniors Advocate confirmed the need for consistent, accurate reporting of elder abuse in BC, prompting BCPSLS to improve and expand the online tool.  In 2017, thanks to a collaborative provincial effort, BCPSLS re:act became available province-wide.

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