The overdose prevention site (SPS [Site de Prévention des Surdoses]) is a response to an urgent public health need in the fight against overdoses, and the mobilized actors are strongly committed to its success. No partner questioned the project, and each offered their resources to carry it out. The first site of its kind in Quebec, the SPS has been able to operate harm reduction services based on new provincial and federal regulations concerning category exemptions to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. This avenue opens the door to other public and para-public organizations to develop this type of project at home.
The practical and urgent nature of the service goes beyond the usual framework of public health intervention and demonstrates what can be done to respond to emergency situations.
The pooling of different resources and expertise has made it possible to put into operation a complete service. Mental health and addiction nursing services have been able to advise organizations on infection prevention and emergency care. The Paramedics Cooperative have facilitated access to the premises for the CPR training of community responders. Clinically and materially, this sharing of resources has strengthened the skills of the community to offer a new service quickly, safely, and professionally. These skills will endure over time and have opened the door for the development of new skills for the community.

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