PaedLink is a unique program, not offered at any other community hospital in the greater Toronto area, that diverts low acuity paediatric patients away from the Emergency Department to a clinic on the Paediatric Unit. PaedLink expedites the care of low acuity paediatric patients (triage levels 3,4 and 5) away from the emergency department to a Paedlink Clinic on the Paediatric Unit. The development of the program required collaboration between the Maternal Newborn and Child Care Program and the Emergency Department. The program provided an opportunity for staff to work closely with different departments and to develop excellent assessment skills while providing excellent patient care to children and their families. It also reinforced the important partnerships that Maternal Newborn can develop with other areas of the hospital. Each child in Paedlink is seen by a paediatrician and nursing staff that have the skill sets to work with a paediatric population. Families are encouraged to take part in the care of their child during their time in the Paedlink program. This program is meeting the unique needs of children and their families by providing the right service by the right care provider at the right time and in the right place. This program allows children to receive paediatric care as close to home as possible and offers an environment where parents can stay close to their child during all aspects of care. It has decreased wait times and increased patient/family satisfaction. In 2007 when this program was implemented at the General campus, approximately 2-3% of children were transferred and seen through the Paedlink program. Over the years, this has increased to 12% of children who present to the emergency department. The percentage seen in Paedlink at the Birchmount is approximately 3% since the implementation in 2010 up from 2% during the first year.

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