Providence Health Care (PHC) is unique in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia with respect to patient involvement on education materials for patients and families. Other hospitals may have patient input in creating specific education material, as do we, but we are the only organisation who have a process by which patients and staff –external to a program or service provision – review new education material. No other health authority or hospital has patients involved in reviewing patient health education materials after they are created. From the review the material can be assigned “Patient Approved” logo and loaded for print and share.

When PHC started on a journey of patient- and family centred care, it became apparent that there was a perfect opportunity to seek the involvement of patients and families with our patient health education material. The existing review committee consisted of a number of interdisciplinary staff members but the patient voice was missing. We initially added three patient partners to the committee. Although the membership has changed, each patient partner who joins the committee has lived experience with the health care system and brings a valuable voice to making our patient materials relevant, clear, and understandable.

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