Montfort Hospital


Type of Practice


In 2014, the hospital adopted the initiative of patient rounds by managers. This is part of the Studer Group’s best practices. The main objective of the rounds is to obtain feedback in real time from patients and their families and to resolve any situations in real time to improve the patient’s experience during their stay. The rounds also demonstrate to patients and their families that the hospital is attaching great importance to quality of care throughout their stay. Patients are asked key standardized questions to evaluate their satisfaction level, collect comments on staff members they want to recognize and share opportunities for improvement. The information received for each question is documented and recorded. Patient rounds are aimed at ensuring the safety of the service offer and developing a relationship of trust between patients, their families and the manager. The rounds also help to confirm that standard practices in the organization, such as hourly rounds and reviewing the communication board at bedside, are completed.

This practice is transformational and rooted in organizational culture. The data collection, report production and action plans arising from patient rounds by managers make the initiative an exemplary practice. Thanks to this culture of measurement and accountability, we’ve initiated and accomplished multiple improvements to patient services.

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