Department (ED) patients in order to obtain timely information and to improve ED processes. A real-time survey tool, using an iPad, was implemented to identify areas of strength, areas for improvement, and to help rapidly address ED service issues. The survey is posed to ED patients by specially-trained, paid students. Survey questions relate to care ratings, whether staff worked together, explanations given to patients, wait-time updates, and other items. Results are available instantaneously. Survey results are reviewed in daily performance huddles with the front-line staff. Survey results are also reviewed weekly by the ED leadership team, and monthly through the program scorecard to evaluate ED service excellence. This real-time survey has helped the department to decrease its complaint rate, increase the compliment rate, improve communication strategies within the department, increase the number of improvement initiatives related to service excellence, improve turn-around time for ED survey results, strengthen response rates for the survey, and improve results regarding ED quality and overall ED patient experience.

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