BC Children’s Hospital has developed an innovative face-to-face patient/provider engagement tool called Patient’s View to help solicit feedback about quality and safety from the perspective of patients and families.

Studies show that patients and families have a different view of patient safety incidents compared to that of clinical providers and they report on safety incidents that might otherwise go undetected by healthcare teams. For example, patients and families frequently report about incidents related to miscommunication, while clinical providers rarely report on miscommunication issues (Daniels JP, Hunc K, Cochrane DD, et al. Identification by families of pediatric adverse events and near misses overlooked by health care providers. CMAJ January 10, 2012, 184 (1).

Through collaboration with BC’s patient safety incident reporting system, the information shared by patients and families is reported to leaders at BC Children’s Hospital and has been used to inform both small- and large-scale quality and safety improvement initiatives throughout the site.

Through this partnership with patients and families, our organization is better able to identify gaps in systems and processes and work together to improve patient safety and reduce incidence of avoidable harm.

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