The balance sheets represent the infections/colonizations within a care unit. With the use of a one-pager, and in one single glance (with figures and not statistics and pictograms), everyone can understand the epidemiological evolution by finding recommendations to improve the situation. The simplicity of the tool is its strength. It is presented to the patients committee.
The assessments are presented 3 times a year at the team meeting for each unit of each site. The prevention advisor presents the results from the last 4 months.
Providers and their partners (technical services and housekeeping) are then prompted to ask questions, which greatly improves their understanding of the data and the impact of their infection prevention behaviours.
More than 55 reports are produced in total, in addition to a global report for the CISSS de Laval (Laval Health Centre).
In most cases, we observed a decrease in the number of infections and fewer outbreaks. In addition, the questions from the providers had evolved over time and a real interest in infection prevention and knowledge of these statistics was noted.

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