CSSS Pierre-Boucher participated in establishing an innovative pre-hospital myocardial infarction identification (MIIP) project in partnership with allies in the network, outside the network, and in the private sector. When an ambulance has been called due to retrosternal pain, the MIIP enables paramedical staff to take an EKG in the patient’s home and send it to the hospital in real time. The EKG chart is interpreted immediately by an emergency medicine specialist. If the EKG chart shows an acute-phase infarction with a high ST segment, members of the hemodynamics team are immediately placed on alert to receive the patient for an emergency coronary angiography; reperfusion of the obstructed coronary arteries will be performed. This project has reduced median intervention time at CSSS Pierre-Boucher for revascularization of coronary arteries to 46 minutes, which is 44 minutes less than the recognized standard stipulated in the scientific literature.

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