In 2011, the Centre de santé et de services sociaux de Laval (CSSS Laval) conducted a survey among its staff and service providers to better understand why many were choosing to leave the organization; even before reaching three years of seniority within the organization.

The survey focused on 40 positions (excluding medicine and nursing) that provide services throughout the organization`s facilties (hospital, residential care centres, local community health centres (CLSCs), ambulatory care centres). The results of the survey showed that the majority of employees who were resigning had experienced difficulty integrating into their new teams.

The survey results, in addition to the work carried out locally as part of the Job Organization Project for Professionals and Technicians  – Knowledge Management Component (2010-2011) and the creation of an annual budget earmarked for job coaching (2011-2015 Collective Agreement, APTS, Letter of Understanding No. 5), provided the necessary leverage for the creation of a structured coaching and knowledge transfer program. This was the beginning of the CSSS Laval Sponsorship Program for Staff and Service Providers.

The primary objective of the program is to offer individual coaching to any staff member or service provider who has been in their position for at least two years, to help them acquire essential skills required for their position. The coaching is provided by an experienced colleague (sponsor from the same field of practice), on a flexible and individual basis. This ensures that the program takes into account the requirements of the departments and the professional development needs of new employees, in order to help them acquire the skills required to provide quality care and services to all patients.

In terms of results, the turnover rate for Category IV staff has decreased from 7.94% to 6.46% between 2011 and 2015. Staff and service provider participation in the program has increased from 49% in 2012 to 78% in October 2015.  These encouraging results demonstrate that the program is achieving its intended outcomes which are employee retention, as well as knowledge and skill retention.

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