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Montfort’s Promoting Mobility program (ProMo) aims to increase patients’ mobility, particularly among the elderly. This program began with the Mobilization of Vulnerable Elders research project in Ontario in 2012 under the direction of the Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario. The goal was to determine the impact of an early and progressive mobility strategy to reduce the functional decline of elderly patients in a hospital environment. However, the ProMo program proved to be useful for all patients and was implemented for every patient to avoid the risk of falls with injuries, constipation, urine retention, pressure sores and pneumonia. Officially implemented in 2014, ProMo requires patients to move during meal times to optimize their well-being and socialization.

According to compelling data, all patients in medical, surgical, rehabilitation and mental health units need active and progressive movement unless they are unstable or dying. This is possible with the expertise and support of staff nurses and personal care attendants (PCAs), designed to get patients up at meal times and supervise them on walks in the corridor. Therefore, it is not necessary to visit physiotherapists or occupational therapists to evaluate mobility because authorized nurses who have gone through the required training have the necessary expertise. They can then communicate mobility levels to the inter-professional team and the patient and, after evaluation, the PCAs can help the patients.

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