As part of the efforts to manage the COVID-19 pandemic, the EMP/ANB received a mandate from the N.B. Health Ministry to set up a Provincial Rapid Outbreak Management Team (PROMT). The PROMT’s main goals are to ensure an integrated and coordinated approach to containing the risks associated with an outbreak by applying best practices in infection prevention; treating the people affected, reducing bottlenecks and transfers of victims in the hospital setting, and supporting care teams in such community settings as adult residential facilities (ARFs), shelters, and correctional centres, for example.

The request was received from the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health; an action plan adapted to the setting concerned was then implemented to set up the PROMT. This plan included primary pillars such as site assessments and infection prevention principles; safe flow of patients and employees; management of the hygiene circuit; procurement and management of material, human, and support resources (i.e. mental health); screening at the site; and treatment and recovery.

Virtual update meetings and decision making with all partners are planned, depending on the frequency required. A situation report is made available the same day, including a report to the province’s emergency measures committee.

An operational dashboard is used to provide a snapshot of performance indicators, such as a PROMT’s response time.

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