The Scarborough Hospital implemented an eight-bed Rapid Assessment Unit (RAU) at the General site and a five-bed RAU at the Birchmount site. These units facilitate access to the right care at the right time for medical patients who require hospital admission for a period of less than 24 hours. Units are staffed entirely by registered nurses with emergency expertise and medically managed by community physicians. They are open Monday to Friday, selectively during the peak time of operations for the hospital. The units have been evaluated in terms of Length of Stay (LOS) and results are demonstrating that the expected 24 hours admission for medical patients was achieved with an average LOS of 19.21 hours and a median LOS of 18.37 hours. The average length of stay in the Emergency Department for admitted patients decreased from 17 hours in the quarter prior to opening of the RAU to an average of 11 hours over the period of the pilot.

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