In September 2021, Michael Garron Hospital launched Recovery Reimagined – an innovative and client centered recovery program for outpatients experiencing substance use concerns. As an off-site program located 2 kilometers away from the main hospital, a range of outpatient groups are offered to meet the unique needs of clients who are living in the community with concurrent substance use and mental health concerns.

Recovery Reimagined was created using trauma-informed and anti-oppressive framework practices to provide choice and optimize safe and effective service delivery. Four options are available:

1. Skills Group is a drop-in program available to individuals who are interested in engaging with recovery programming, with no ongoing commitment required. The group provides opportunities to learn about substance use and recovery; develop and practice coping skills, and access a safe space to connect with others with similar experiences.
2. The Intensive Program is available for deep exploration of substance use and recovery. This program offers individual therapy and group work to achieve participants’ goals by developing distress tolerance and coping skills.
3. The Seeking Safety program supports clients with concurrent substance use and trauma recovery. The program is a first-stage trauma group focusing on envisioning and enacting safety for each individual and their environment.
4. Continuing Care is a program for individuals who have completed the Intensive Program, Seeking Safety or been involved with Skills Groups previously. These groups offer a space where participants can connect with each other, share challenges and share what they have learned.

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