Steamplicity is an innovative restaurant-style menu system for patient food service. Steamplicity meals are new to the Canadian food service industry. The system and technology is exclusive to Compass Group and the Humber River Regional Hospital is one of the only hospitals in Canada to use it. Meals are packaged and sealed with a pressure cook valve that allows them to be heated in three minutes from a fresh state. The short cooking time means menu selections can be taken just prior to meal time. The pressure cooking concept also prevents excess nutrient loss as food does not sit in a retherm oven or steam table. Food service staff take selections using a wireless tablet interfaced with the hospital information system, giving them the most up-to-date patient information at the point of selection. Patient satisfaction and the amount of choices offered have increased. A full environmental study was completed and found significant savings in gas, utilities, and water usage. The carbon footprint was reduced by over 50 percent per patient per day, while food waste for compost was reduced by 41 tons per year.

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