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The Ottawa Hospital has established a Best Practice in innovative initiatives to reduce the number of missed Trillium Gift of Life (TGLN) notifications. With the intention of improving the death notification to Trillium Gift of Life, the Ottawa Hospital implemented multiple initiatives to support this goal. 1. A double trigger field in the patient Admission Discharge Transfer System (ADT) registration data base to remind staff that a TGLN number is required and is to be entered prior to the discharge of a deceased patient. This specific initiative is unique to the Ottawa Hospital as this innovative trigger field has been embedded into a system required for the day to day operations of the organization. This system acts as a reminder to ensure TGLN is considered upon death. 2. The inpatient units do not necessarily have admitting clerks after hours (evening, nights and weekends) within our organization therefore we have collaborated with the admitting department to support the nurses on this inpatient units with entering the time of death into our ADT system. When the nurse calls the bed management clerk they will then remind the nurse to obtain a TGLN# prior to proceeding with the discharge for death.

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