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Shannex is a family owned and operated organization, providing quality senior care across a full continuum of services in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Ontario.

Injuries and costs related to compensation claims in health care are significant and the challenges in this sector became even more complex with the pandemic. Yet, health and safety can not to be deferred and we must continue to ensure we meet legislative compliance while also mitigating costs and improving safety culture.

Subsequent to the completion of a series of “safety climate assessments” to evaluate the effectiveness of various safety programs, knowledge, and staff behaviours. Opportunities were identified in 4 key areas: Leadership, Participation, Prevention, and Incident Management. The result of the assessment led to the first iteration of our Safety Profile Scorecard (SPS).

The focus of the SPS is to ensure that we are consistently supporting safety across all our communities, and better evaluation of our Health, Wellness and Safety Program to produce a quarterly SPS score for each site. The SPS is comprised of leading and lagging indicators that provides an overview of the safety activities occurring, supports safety culture improvement, and a mechanism for reporting safety information to employees, managers and senior managers.

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