With William Osler Health System’s commitment in achieving Service Excellence and being patient centric, the Service Excellence Call Centre was developed to conduct outbound calls to all inpatients after 48hrs of discharge to capture feedback on their hospital stay and medical care provided. While the practice of calling patients to better understand their experiences is not new, the initiative to develop a formal Call Centre within the hospital focused on listening and capturing patient feedback which also provides language interpretation is the first of its kind. Through the “voice of the patient”, our organization is able to capture valuable feedback to aid in improving the patient experience as well as proactively addressing any patient concerns. Three main questions are asked: 1. Did you feel you were treated with respect and dignity while you were in the hospital? 2. Would you recommend this hospital to friends and family? 3. We are always looking at ways to improve how we do things at William Osler Health System. What could we have done differently to have improved your stay? Conducting the Patient Satisfaction Surveys in house has also allowed us to add additional questions with the key focus of providing further in depth analysis on key drivers. Examples of additional questions: 1. Overall, how would you rate the courtesy of your nurse and staff who cared for you during your stay? 2. Approximately how many minutes did it usually take before the nurse arrived to assist you when you used the call bell? 3. Overall, did you have confidence and trust in the nurse who was caring for you? 4. Were you provided with all the information you needed when you were discharged? A combination of modified workers, volunteers and students are utilized to conduct the Patient Satisfaction Survey calls. Patient feedback is captured and documented utilizing the online “Inpatient- Satisfaction Survey” tool. With the main objective to capture real time feedback from our patients regarding their hospital experience to aid our organization in driving improvements. Our Service Excellence Call Centre has been able to successfully connect and capture feedback from 26,172 patients. Highlights: • For the period of August 1st 2011 to March 31st, 2013, 56,201 calls have been made to patients to complete the Patient Satisfaction survey and 26,172 surveys have been completed (46.5% completion rate was achieved). As a result of the post discharge phone calls, some positive impacts for our patients have been: • Improved communication between front line nursing staff and patients. Improvement in bedside manner and in information being provided upon discharge. • Improved accessibility from parking area to our main hospital building by building a walk way in our parking lot to provide an easier connection. • Improvements made to the food rotation and ordering process. • Provides ability to resolve any issues through 1st call resolution. • Patient experiences and feedback is shared, discussed and celebrated in daily unit level performance huddles. Discussion also includes action planning for improvements.

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