There are two main treatments for insomnia. Comparable efficacy surveys show that behavioral treatments are preferred by patients over pharmacotherapy. There is a significant demand for cognitive behavioral treatments for sleep, resulting in a wait list of more than 12 months. The Stepped Care Treatment: Online Intervention is an out-patient program set up as a stepped-care model, which allows individuals to select the level of intervention appropriate for their needs. Initially, the low-intensity intervention (5 weeks of online treatment) is offered within 1-2 weeks of referral, followed by an opportunity for a single-session consultation, then by an opportunity for group treatment, culminating in an opportunity for individual in-person treatment. Effectiveness of online intervention results from a randomized controlled trial showed that 80% of participants who completed the treatment ( reported that their sleep problems had decreased. Specifically, there were statistically significant improvements in sleep quality, daytime fatigue, and the severity of insomnia. Data from the Sleep Centre show that those who completed the online treatment program are less likely to request more intensive treatment following their participation. The article Logging on for Better Sleep: RCT of the effectiveness of online treatment for insomnia is published in the journal Sleep, Vol. 32, no 6, 2009.

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