We utilize a Supervision Model in each counselling session with youth in our community. Most of our counsellors at the CYHC are trainees- this is how we provide free services to youth in our community. The trainees receive counselling experience and the youth receive free services. Our counselling sessions are typically 60 minutes. For quality assurance and safety purposes, all of the counselling sessions receive supervision and input from senior level clinicians (e.g., doctoral and RCC) in the community. At the 55-minute mark, each counsellor comes to the “bullpen” where the supervisor of the day is, and presents a quick case conceptualization including the youth’s age, gender, aboriginal status, and presenting problem. Safety check is also conducted by the supervisor, who then helps the counsellor come up with or check a treatment plan for the youth- they then go back and finish the session.

This type of supervision is part of our 3-layer supervision model to provide quality and free care services to youth in the community. The second layer of the supervision model is that the trainees receive weekly supervision sessions from doctoral level (clinical psychology) supervisors to go through case conceptualizations and treatment. The third layer of supervision is monthly meetings with our Director of Clinical Training. We have recently added another layer – which is “secret shoppers” where bachelors level practicum students “try out” our services while taking notes. They then provide direct feedback to the counsellors, which is worked on in collaboration with their supervisors.



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