• September 28, 2020, the Premier announces that Ontario has now entered Wave 2 of the COVID-19 pandemic.
• The Ontario Critical Care COVID Command Centre has recommended augmenting critical care teams by implementing a team-based approach.
• Time-sensitive: Teams must be ready to deploy TBM immediately
• Accessibility: Not all hospital-based staff have access to simulation education providing synchronous practice opportunities.
• Availability: Due to Covid-19 human resource challenges, frontline staff have limited availability to attend education sessions.
• Create interactive virtual opportunities for interprofessional frontline staff across Ontario to practice and prepare for TBM in a timely manner.
• Address the current learning gap of limited real-time experiential learning. Opportunity for frontline teams to “put it all together” prior to the real patient event.
• Practice effective communication within alternate models of Team-Based Care.
• SCSC created and delivered live 90-minute interactive virtual simulations that explore/practice commonly encountered high-stress situations and interprofessional communication within a TBM.
• TBM virtual simulation sessions were accessible to all hospital-based healthcare teams in Ontario.
• Simulation sessions facilitated multiple hospitals to come together and share practice, experiences, challenges, and co-create solutions.

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