The Surgical Patient Flow Project has been a unique opportunity to review all aspects of the surgical program. The Project Team has partnered with the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Manitoba. Two graduate students in the Faculty of Engineering are working with the team; one does simulation exercises and the other is doing his Master's thesis on the link between cancellation of surgeries and Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) beds (and also uses simulations in his work). LEAN methodology was used to assist the staff identify patient flow and improvement opportunities. A review of Children's Hospitals across Canada was done to look at other practices. Improvement projects implemented so far are an electronic booking form; improvement in the transportation of children from the Emergency Department, Inpatient Unit and Day Surgery to ensure that the patient is at the door of the Operating Room within 15 minutes of the scheduled time of the surgery; improvement in the transportation of the patient from the PACU to the Inpatient Unit; and revision of the discharge criteria in Day Surgery. Extensive data collection and analysis has been done and continues to be done. Simulations are used in almost all of the quality improvement initiatives.

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