The Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic (EPAC) is a 2 bed referral based unit with a focus on providing the most appropriate care in the most appropriate place for all pregnant patients at < 13 weeks gestation with early pregnancy complications.

Obstetrical patients less than 13 weeks gestation with early pregnancy complications requiring observation, assessment or treatment can be referred from the Emergency Department (ED) at both campuses, MDs’, Midwives, Family Physicians, and Obstetricians. The referrals are received by fax or phone and are reviewed and prioritized on a daily basis. Patients can also self-refer and are triaged and seen in the EPAC clinic. Obstetrical patients with an EDD of greater than 4 hours will be transferred out of EPAC to the most appropriate unit (for example: Surgery, OR, Family Maternity Center). The EPAC nurse ensures that there is a clear plan of care with expected timelines. The length of stay (LOS) within the clinic is less than four hours with patients either being discharged out of hospital or transferred to an inpatient unit for further care.
The EPAC diverts non critical obstetrical patients away from the ED to help with wait times and increases patient satisfaction by providing a service to this patient population that decreases the time spent in hospital.

The EPAC fits with the Hospital Mission, Vision and Value; it strives to provide an outstanding care experience that meets the unique needs of our obstetrical patients.

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