Transferring a patient from the Intensive Care (IC) Unit is recognized as being a period of higher risk. Studies have shown an increase in the incidence of adverse events in the days following a transfer from IC, a significant number of which can be avoided. Readmittances to IC after a transfer, moreover, have been associated with an increase in the stay duration and a doubling of mortality in pediatrics. Transfers from the IC Unit are also a period of increased anxiety for patients and their families and for the care unit nurses. A number of solutions have been devised after reviewing the literature and consulting with the teams, including a transfer protocol with checklists, standardized medical and nurse checkups, standardized criteria for pediatric intensive care (PIC) transfer, a leaflet for families on discharge from PIC, and the assignment of a liaison nurse. The protocol has had a significant effect on caregivers since its implementation. Numerous meetings with the teams have taken place and are ongoing, as planned in our change management model. Also, a liaison nurse role has been introduced to ensure the documents and transfer protocol are properly understood and used.


Title: Head of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit


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