At Baycrest, we are committed to providing a clean and well-maintained space for our patients, families, staff and physicians. Glo GermTM (trademark) cleaning audits are one of the common methods used by Environmental Services (EVS) departments to monitor and improve hospital cleanliness. Audits use Glo Germ gel or lotion, invisible under regular light, to mark high-touch areas in patient rooms and washrooms prior to cleaning by housekeeping staff. After cleaning, EVS supervisors using an ultraviolet (UV) flashlight inspect high-touch surfaces for presence of gel that glows under the UV light.

Since the fall of 2020, the EVS department has formally embedded Glo Germ audit reviews as a standing agenda item into EVS team performance huddles. Notably, after thorough consultations and training by Quality Improvement specialists, the responsibility of leading these reviews has been transitioned to EVS staff. At the monthly huddles attended by housekeeping staff, supervisors and managers, staff review measures that they have selected for their performance board. The board acts as a visual tool to monitor team performance and identify improvement opportunities.

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